FAT S.r.l.
Via Alcide De Gasperi
24048 Treviolo (BG)
Tel: +39 035 200 380
Fax: +39 035 200 511
P.Iva: 01018050169

Cap. Sociale 50.490 Euro Int. Vers.
Registro Imprese 01018050169
Numero REA; 210591



FAT S.r.l. was born in 1987 with the commercial responsibility for the Italian market of the printing area for Reggiani S.p.a. Machine Department. Thanks to his professional behavior, his competence and the capillarity over the territory of his agents, in a few years FAT S.r.l. overcomes the national market for the traditional, flat and rotary, printing.
Starting from 1991, FAT S.r.l. undertakes a series of new agencies, extending the range of his products to the fabric preparation machines, to the finishing plants (steaming and washing plants), to the inspecting and packaging plants with the aim of proposing to his customers a single partner able to satisfy the high production quality required by the textile Italian market.
During these last years, FAT S.r.l. improves his sale network in Europe, in the emerging market in the South-East Asia, in the Latin America and in the ex-Sovietic Union favouring the penetration in the foreign countries of the meccano-textile Italian products.
Since 1999 FAT S.r.l. accepts the challenge of the digital printing through the ink-jet technology and dedicates a department of his activity to the sale and to the competitive development of the machine named “DReAM” produced by Reggiani Macchine S.r.l..
Thanks to his experience, FAT S.r.l. has developed a particular ability in the individuation and satisfaction of the innovation and quality requirements of the textile market. For that reason recently FAT S.r.l. decided to extent the range of his products, offering an extremely innovative machine for the rotary screens engraving through laser polymerization.
This new technology will permit a further qualitative improvement in the screens engraving and will hardly reduce the drawings developing time.
FAT S.r.l. proposes himself as a consultant in the customers development, as a partner able to assist them facing the requirements imposed by the research of a continuous betterment and to help them  resolving any challenge thrown by the a highly competitive and technology oriented market.



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